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  I. Listening Comprehension

  Section A

  Directions: In Section A, you will hear ten short conversations between two speakers. At the end of each conversation, a question will be asked about what was said. The conversations and the questions will be spoken only once. After you hear a conversation and the question about it, read the four possible answers on your paper, and decide which one is the best answer to the question you have heard.

  1. A. Fascinating. B. Useful. C. Difficult. D. Boring.

  2. A. In a restaurant. B. In a factory.

  C. In a department store. D. In an office.

  3. A. A librarian. B. A psychologist. C. A Publisher. D. A teacher.

  4. A. He prefers to join the woman later. B. He intends to eat out tonight.

  C. He wants to watch the basketball game. D. He hates to lose the championship.

  5. A. It was quite delightful. B. It was not well organized.

  C. Careful preparations had been done. D. People made a mess on the ground.

  6. A. He is quite unhappy with the woman. B. He is eager to know the woman's reply.

  C. The woman should make full use of her time. D. The woman doesn't have to be in a hurry.

  7. A. Go on smoking B. Cry out his heart.

  C. Talk with the doctor. D. Carry on with exercise.

  8. A. Boss and shop assistant. B. House agent and client,

  C. Interviewer and job hunter. D. Manager and customer.

  9. A. She had better stay up late tonight. B. She has to get more sleep at night.

  C. She should avoid distractions in class. D. She must improve her grades gradually.

  10. A.The man only filled his tank half full. B. The man can't read the instrument.

  C. The car is breaking down on the way D. The car has run out of gasoline.

  Section B

  Directions: In Section B, you will hear two short passages, and you will be asked three questions on each of the passages. The passages will be read twice, but the questions will be spoken only once. When you hear a question,read the four possible answers on your paper and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you have heard.

  Questions 11 through 13 are based on the following passage.

  11. A. purchasing less expensive objects available.

  B. Buying only essentials and a treat on occasion.

  C. Learning to cook for yourself at home.

  D. Living on less money than you earn.

  12. A. To have a better health B. To keep their promises.

  C. To avoid being hurt easily. D. To gain a desired friendship.

  13. A. Life skills needed to be learnt at an early age.

  B. Great ways of saving money in the early years.

  C. Practical skills to cook nutritious food at home.

  D. Methods of gathering wisdom instead of bitterness.

  Questions 14 through 17 are based on the following passage.

  14. A. To work on the rented land peacefully. B.To get used to the terribly cold weather.

  C. To tell his kids stories every night. D. To break the poverty cycle of his family.

  15. A.He worked in the dairy with his mother. B.He learned to mend his own clothes.

  C. He had a strong passion for words. D.He got well educated at school.

  16. A. 25. B. 27. C. 28. D. 37.

  17. A. He was considerably influenced by his mother.

  B. Farm work turned out to be quite easy for him.

  C. He had already become famous before his father passed away.

  D. people in Scotland regarded him as a successful farmer singer.

  Questions 18 through 20 are based on the following conversation.

  18. A. Harbin is her favorite city. B. She doesn't like places in the south.

  C. Russia is a beautiful country. D. She can't stand the heat in summer.

  19. A. Driving a car by themselves in the local country.

  B. Getting a group of ten people traveling together.

  C. Flying at the weekend with special fare tickets.

  D. Inviting more friends to share the happiness.

  20. A. Not knowing any local people. B. Unable to find a fellow traveller.

  C. unable to speak Russian. D. Not having any interpreter .

  II. Grammar and Vocabulary

  Section A

  Directions: After reading the passage below, fill in the blanks to make the passage coherent and grammatically correct. For the blanks with a given word, fill in each blank with the proper form of the given word; for the other blanks, use one word that best fits each blank.

  Is sport always fun ?

  One afternoon in the last week of term, I saw three children form my son’s school in tears being comforted by teachers. That morning, my 11-year -old had stomach pains and (21) ______(throw ) up several times when I noticed his sickness. Talking to other mothers, I heard about other children with stomachache or difficulty sleeping the night before.

  What caused so much suffering ? Sports day ---- not sports day at a highly competitive independent school, but at a large village primary. (22) ______ it causes no problem to the children who can fly (23) _____ the wind, for those who are poorly coordinated (动作协调), overweight or just not good at sport, it is terrible. Even for those who enjoy (24) ______(run ) but who fall halfway down the track in front of the entire school and their parents, it can prove a disaster.

  As for the reason (25) ______ we put our children through this annual suffering, some May say that competition is character-buliding or it is a tradition of school life; some may assume (26) ______ really matters is taking part not winning. I just felt pity for those children in tears or in pain.

  Team games at the end of the “sport” were fun (27) ______ (watch) because they produced some close races, enormous enthusiasm and lots of shouting. More importantly , (28) ______(hide ) a little form everyone’s gaze, the children who were not so fast or so quick at passing the ball had the excitement of being on the winning side.

  Section B

  Directions: Fill in each blan癫痫大发作典型表现是什么样的k with a proper word chosen from the box. Each word can be used only once. Note that there is one word more than you need.

  A. attached B. commercially C. expectations D. managed E. obstacles F. personal

  G. positive H. relatively I. samples J. sensitive K. shelved

  This invention, commonly used in offices and households throughout the world, came about as a result of a series of accidents. In 1968 Spencer Silver, who was working for a company called 3M at the time, was trying to produce super-strong adhesive, a substance making things sticky together, to be used in the building of planes. This, however, wasn’t successful and instead he succeeded in creating an extremely weak adhesive that was 31 to pressure. This new adhesive had two advantages: it could be removed from surfaces quite easily and it could be reused. In spite of these two 32 features, nobody could see any practical use for it. In the end, the invention was 33 .

  A few years later, Art Fry, a product development engineer working for 3M, decided to use this adhesive for 34 use. He stuck strips of paper in a book as page marker and a whole new concept was born. However, the idea still wasn’t without 35 . The challenge was to make the glue stay on the sticky note itself, rather than peeling off and staying on the surface it was 36 to. Two more 3M employees were brought in and set the task of producing a coating for the adhesive so that it wouldn’t come off and they 37 just that. Unfortunately, 3M bosses still believed that this invention wasn’t going to be 38 successful and people would continue to use crap paper(小纸条) for their notes rather than sticky notes. This is why sticky notes were only tested within the company, where they became extremely popular. It wasn’t until many years later that 3M bosses finally decided to give out a vast amount of free 39 to other companies to see if anyone would be interested in buying them. To their surprise, 90 per cent of the companies approached went on to order more sticky notes. This went beyond anybody’s 40 . Nowadays, sticky notes come in a variety of shapes and colours and are sold in more than 100 countries.

  III. Reading Comprehension

  Section A

  Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context.

  About five years ago, when the first generation of wearable fitness trackers became popular, they were announced as the dawn of a revolution. Health experts and busniesspeople alike said that giving people access to real-time calorie (卡路里)- burning and step-count data would inspire them to lose weight, eat better and -most important- ____41____ more. But even as the U.S. market for ___42____ devices hits $7 billion this year, there’s evidence that their promise isn’t quite paying off.

  The U.S. has an exercise problem, with 28% of Americans ages 50 and over considered wholly ___43____. That means 31 million adults move no more than is necessary to perform the most basic functions of daily life. Wearables, experts ___44___, were going to change that.

  But limited academic research has been done to figure out whether wearables ____45____ people’s behavior in the long term. The little research that does exist isn’t ____46____. For a recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers wanted to see whether activity trackers would help overweight people lose more weight over two years than if they just did a weight-loss intervention(干预) alone. They didn’t. “We found that just giving people a device doesn’t mean it’s going to ____47____ something you think it’s going to lead to,” says John Jakicic, the author of the study, from the University of Pittsburgh. “These activity trackers don’t engage people in strategies that make a ___48___ in terms of long-term change”

  Another new study highlighted a different challenge: user ____49___. By the end of a yearlong study of 800 people, just 10% of participants were still wearing the trackers, according to, Eric Finkelstein, a professor at the Duke- NUS Medical School in Singapore. “We didn’t find that Fitbits really have much of an effect,” he says. This may well be because people expect trackers to do something they’re not designed to do-- ____50____, force them to change their behavior. “There’s ____51____ among people about their function, a measurement tool and an intervention,” Finkelstein says. A scale counts pounds, ____52____, but won’t teach you how to eat less. “When people put these devices on, they might interact with the app(应用程序) for the first few weeks, maybe the first few months, but there comes a point where that starts to fall off,” says Finkelstein.

  To be ____53___, some of the costlier add higher-tech wearables have features baked into them that encourage users to move more, says Shelten Yuen, Fitbit’s vice president of research. Among them: shaking sensors, movement reminders and social- media combination, all designed to ____54____ users to make better health choices every day. But more research will be needed to determine whether or not these ____55____ -- or others like them--measurably improve people’s health and fitness levels.

  41. A. learn B. purchase C. exercise D. perform

  42. A. wearable B. electronic C. hi-tech D. built-in

  43. A. misunderstood B. inactive C. discourage D. unchangeable

  44. A. announced B. determined C. hoped D. noticed

  45. A. limit B. understand C. interpret D. change

  46. A. encouraging B. interesting C. pioneering D. challenging

  47. A. benefit from B. result in C. add to D. look for

  48. A. design B. movement C. profit D. difference

  49. A. reduction B. participation C. creation D. expectation

  50. A. namely B. therefore C. however D. shortly

  51. A. argument B. popularity C. confusion D. interaction

  52. A. by the way B. in other words C. of course D. for example

  53. A. fair B. cute C. accessible D. technical

  54. A. persuade B. motivate C. follow D. teach

  55. A. concepts B. sensors C. scales D. features

  Section B

  Directions: Read the following three passages. Each passage is followed by several questions 意识不清,全身抽搐,请问我女儿这是怎么了?or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage you have read.


  In Michael Morpurgo’s novel War Horse, the horse is not only the principal character,he is the teller of his own story.

  Set in England and France 100 years ago War Horse tells the story of Joey, a handsome young horse who strikes up a close relationship with Albert, the teenage son of Joey’s owner.But war breaks out and they are separated and plunged into the horrors of the war in France.Both survive and are finally reunited after a remarkable series of events seen through the eyes of the splendid war horse, Joey.

  The following cutting comes from near the beginning of the book after Albert, much to his father’s surprise, has succeeded in training Joey to pull the plough.

  It was some months later, one the way back from cutting the grass in Great Field that Albert first talked to us about the war. His whistling stopped in mid-tune. “Mother says there’s likely to be a war,” he said softly. “I don’t know what It is about—something about some old duke(公爵) that’s been shot at somewhere. Can’t think why that should matter to anyone, but she says we will be in it all the same. But it will not affect us, not down here. We will go on just the same. At fifteen I am too young to go,anyway—well, that’s what she said. But I tell you, Joey, if there is a war I’d want to go. I think I’d make a good soldier, don’t you? Look fine in a uniform, wouldn’t I? And I have always wanted to march to the beat of a band.Can you imagine that, Joey? Come to that,you’d make a good war horse yourself, wouldn’t you. If you ride as well as you pull, and I know you will. God help the Germans if they ever have to fight the two of us.”

  One hot summer evening, after a long and dusty day in the fields, I was having my dinner, with Albert still rubbing me down with straw and talking on about the plenty of good straw they’d have for the winter months when I heard his father’s heavy steps coming across the yard towards us. “Mother,” he shouted. “Mother, come out, Mother. It is war, Mother. I have just heard it in the village. Postman came in this afternoon with news.”

  56. What amazed Albert’s father was that Joey could_______.

  A. help turn the soil B. survive the horrible war

  C. tell his own stories D. make friends with people

  57. As for the coming war,Mother said that________.

  A. their village would get involved very soon.

  B. both Albert and Joey could be tough fighters

  C. the old duke’s death maybe meant nothing to them

  D. Albert was not grown up enough to join the army

  58. Which of the following best describes Albert according to Joey’s account in war horse?

  A. Imaginative but timid B. Innocent but brave

  C. Quiet but thoughtful D. Ambitious but cold


  Clare College Cambridge

  Clare is the second oldest college in Cambridge University, having initially been founded in 1326 and refounded by Elizabath de Clare in 1338. Today, we uphold her educational and social goals and College is a booming community of over 100 Fellows, 450 undergraduate students, 200 graduate students and 100 staff.

  The College welcomes visitors, but please remember it is a working environment supporting academic scholarship. We hope you will enjoy the beauty of the gardens and buildings, but it is essential that visitors:

   conduct themselves quietly around the College;

   avoid blocking paths or doorways;

   do not enter areas marked “Private” or “Closed”

  Historic buildings have steep steps and some rough surfaces. So please mind your steps. Please help to maintain the appearance of the College grounds by:

   not picnicking or dropping litter;

   keeping to the pathways in Old Court;

   not smoking while on the College grounds.

  The Porters cabins provide first aid facilities. Unfortunately, Clare College does not have public toilets.


  Visitors may use hand held cameras. Photography for commercial purposes requires prior permission in writing from the Head Porter.

  Preservation and Donations

  Clare College receives no state funding for the preservation of these historic buildings and gardens, but relies instead on donations. If you would like to support the work of the College, its buildings or gardens. Please contact the Development Office (http: www. clarealumni.com). We welcome inquires.

  59. From the writing we can learn that Clare College_________.

  A. only opens part of her buildings and gardens to the public

  B. mainly gets the money from donators and the government

  C. enjoys a growing reputation as the second largest in Cambridge University

  D. welcomes cameramen to take photos on campus for different purposes

  60. Suppose you are a tour guide with a group at Clare College, which of the following might truly

  put you to trouble?

  A. A couple insist enjoying their lunch on the lawn.

  B. A child needs to go to the bathroom all of a sudden.

  C. An elderly woman falls off the steps and hurts herself.

  D. Some tourists keep exchanging ideas in a loud voice.

  61. We can most probably get this piece of writing from_________.

  A. the academic website of Cambridge University

  B. the Development Office of Clare College

  C. the Head Porter of Cambridge University

  D. the main entrance of Clare College


  Not setting homework can be impossible in certain situations. There are many arguments in favour of homework, and most teachers would agree with many, if not all, of the following:homework is a perfect opportunity to go over calmly what was done with the teacher, and rethink and develop that initial input; homework offers a moment for students to work as individuals and develop learner self-governance outside the classroom;students and parents expect homework to be set and to be corrected. Nevertheless, the drawbacks that homework may have癫痫病治疗十佳医院 are often overlooked.

  There are two key issues which need to be raised when dealing with the concept of homework. Firstly, there is the question of home. Often homework os not done at home at all, but at a friend’s house, on the street, on the bus on the way to class or sitting on the step outside school before it opens. What’s more, all too often, for it to be done effectively at home, homework requires the participation and involvement of other adults. Parents play a crucial role in a child’s education, but they cann’t always be available, for a number of very valid reasons, and a tutor’s ability to aid, guide, encourage and simply organize a son or daughter’s study may be limited in many ways. The implication are unsetting: if homework is crucial to success in class, some children have an automatic disability.

  Considering the second part of the compound noun opens up further questions. If the idea of home can be problematic, so too can the concept of work.

  Again, this will depend enormously on the context but , very often there is a lot of work put in. Demands on their time and attention span(持续时间)and all sorts of other impositions mean homework is usually something to get out of the way, to be ticked off as done, with the exercises completed as fast as possible. It is not always seen as useful times spent developing and strengthening what is done in class but, rather, as something quickly finished to keep the teacher at bay. It might be correct or not, copied from a friend or cut and pasted from the internet, but the important thing is that a teacher sees the exercise completed and, as a result, the task achieved: how much effort went into that result is not always appreciated or easy to evaluate and, even

  When work clearly falls below standard, and the mere fact of its having been done is often good enough. Teacher and students are happy because everyone has officially fulfilled their commitment.

  The ideal that students go home, think back to what they did with their teacher, use the great resources their books and the internet provide to revise, reflect and put everything they have seen in class in place, into action, into practice, does not often happen with some students.

  62. Which of the following is not among the advantages of homework according to paragraph 1?

  A. Solidifying the knowledge and skills learnt in class.

  B. Developing the ability of the independent learning.

  C. Building a closer teacher-student relationship.

  D. Meeting the requirements of students and parents.

  63. Speaking of the significant impact of homework upon children’s success in class, some are just

  inferior to others because_______.

  A. their tutors are not always available to support them

  B. they are born without the ability to deal with concepts

  C. their family circumstances limit their learning ability

  D. some unknown reasons greatly hold up their progress

  64.“Keep the teacher at bay”(paragragh3) means the way homework is done____.

  A. imposes enormous meaningless evaluating work on teachers

  B. blocks teachers from knowing more about their students

  C. displays the great efforts students make to satisfy their teachers

  D. shows achievements teachers expect to accomplish in their work

  65. What can be inferred from the passage?

  A. Homework is hardly functioning as is naturally expected.

  B. Parents need to stand away from their children’s homework.

  C. Students prefer doing homework elsewhere instead of at home.

  D. The quality of homework is usually teachers’first concern.

  66.Which of the following might be the best title of the passage?

  A. Are you ready for homework yet?

  B. Is there a way out for homework?

  C. Home and Work: it’s hard to combine.

  D. Homework or No homework: it is your choice.

  Section C

  Directions: Read the following passages. Fill in each blank with a proper sentence given in the box. Each sentence can be used only once. Note that there are two more sentences than you need.

  A. They can be endlessly improved as we better understand how to treat animals.

  B. Experts have broken fresh ground in breeding captive animals

  C. Yet critics suggest that animals should not be kept in cage

  D. Studies have clearly shown that captive animals will live longer and be more active kept in an environment close to their native surroundings

  E. This, therefore, puts sever pressure on the legs and feet of these giants and causes long-lasting injury in some captive animals.

  F. Evidences indicate that some animals depend greatly on surroundings.

  Are zoos bad for animals ?

  Zoos have existed since ancient times and were features of the great courts of Egypt and China. The display of unusual animals form foreign countries was, for a long time, a show of wealth and power. Today, zoos focus on the preservation of animals species and the education of the public. __67___

  Some animals are distinctly unsuited for life in a zoo, however noble the aims of the organization. Keeping elephant in captivity (囚禁) has long caused argument among animals rights activists. Elephant in the wild wander constantly, covering a wide territory on a daily basis. In captivity, they have no choice but to stand still for long periods of time. ___68____. Yet elephants are a threatened species in their native environments and are heavily caught for ivory(象牙),leather and meat illegally. To protect the species form the wild due to injury or abandonment.

  ___69___. The chances are, if a zoo has nothing but cement floors and metal enclosures, the animals will not do as well. Many famous zoos now construct enclosures allowing animals freedom of movement and native vegetation. Some zoos have even begun housing species of animals together that normally interact in the wild, such as certain types of monkeys.

  Zoos are not a perfect solution for preservation.____70___. They are undeniably helpful in repopulating declining animal species and encouraging a preservationist outlook, but they are unquestionabl通辽羊羔疯治疗贵吗y primary in their treatment of some animals. Hopefully, animal activists and zoo advocates will continue to work together, finding ways to create the best environment for captive animals in breeding and repopulation efforts.

  IV. Summary Writing

  Directions: Read the following passage. Summarize the main idea and the main point(s) of the passage in no more than 60 words. Use your own words as far as possible.

  The advantages of social networking [from www.2abc8.com]

  Why do most people sign up to social networking sites? The main reason is to stay in touch with other people. These sites also help people to find their childhood friends that they have lost touch with. Renewing these long-lost friendships is just a click away. It is very exciting to be able to catch up with friends and keep up with their news on am almost daily basis thanks to frequent updates.

  Keep up-to-date,however,doesn’t have to be restricted to friends and acquaintances(相识的人).What many people tend to forget is that they can also use networking sites for professional reasons. It is actually a great way of finding out about upcoming job opportunities. Friends might know about job vacancies that may not be advertised elsewhere or they can even recommend their friends for certain jobs. Even people already employed can promote their business online. This is particularly important for artists, actors and musicians who can create pages devoted to their band or theatre company, and inform fans about their gigs(现场演唱会)or latest exhibitions. In addition, the sites can be used to allow the public to give instant feedback on the artists’ work and to interact with their favourite artist.

  Another great advantage of social networking sites is how easy it is to organise an event with your friends. Thanks to different settings people can organise their friends by different criteria(标准). These criteria could be how close friends they are, common interests and hobbies or where they live. This means if a certain event takes place, for example, an open-air concert or a football match, all they have to do is invite the right group of friends to attend. Some networking sites offer a range of quizzes and games, so friends living on opposite sides of the globe can invite each other to participate and compete in a variety of games without leaving their homes.

  V. Translation

  Directions: Translate the following sentences into English, using the words given in the brackets.

  72. 保持身体健康是硬道理。(primary)

  73. 货到后,你应该立即付款。(suppose)

  74. 圣诞节来临,购物中心里人潮涌动,这已经不足为奇了。(It)

  75. 据真实故事改编的电影“深海浩劫”(Deepwater Horizon), 以其逼真的特效,吸引了许多观众。(which)

  VI. Guided writing

  Directions: Write an English composition in 120-150 words according to the instructions given below in Chinese.


  1)做什么? 2)怎么做? 3)为什么要做?

  I. Listening Comprehension

  1-5 CBACB 6-10 DACBD 11-13 BCA 14-17 DCBA 18-20 DAC

  II. Grammar and vocabulary

  21 had thrown 22 while/although/though 23 like 24 running 25 why 26 what

  27 to watch 28 hidden 29 be abandoned 30 less stressful

  31-35 JGKFE 36-40 ADBIC

  III. Reading comprehension

  Section A 41-55 CABCD ABDAA CDABD

  Section B 56-58 ADB 59-61 ABD 62-66 CCBAB

  Section C 67-70 CEDA

  IV. Summary writing

  Social networking sites benefit people in several different ways. Not only do they allow people to keep in close touch with friends old or new ,but they provide potential job opportunities and encourage online business promotion plus interaction.Morecover, they facilitate the organization of various events, connecting people with similar hobbies or preferences globally.(54words)

  V. Translation

  72. Maintaining good health/Maintaining healthy/Keeping in good health/Keeping healthy is the primary principle.

  73. You are supposed to pay right after the goods are delivered (to your home)/the arriving of the goods/you receive the goods.

  74. It is common/not surprising that shopping centers are crowded with people when Christmas is approaching/drawing near/coming.

  75. Deepwater Horizon, which is based on a true story, has attracted a large audience with its special effects true to life.

  Deepwater Horizon, based on a true story, has attracted a large audience with its special effects which are true to life.

  VI. Writing

  December 22nd Thursday Cloudy

  Nowadays most of the students wants to participate in volunteer work, so do I, taking part in the volunteer work is the most important thing which I want to do in the coming year 2017.of course, there are a variety of volunteer jobs for me to do, firstly, I can help the aged people at the nursing home do some washing and cleaning and tell some interesting stories to them to make them happy. Secondly, During rush hours, I can work on the busy road to help the policemen direct the traffic to keep the traffic smooth.

  Volunteer work give us young people a chance to serve the other people in need. It encourage us to devote our efforts to others, I can learn a lot from it though sometimes I have to pay some cost myself. At least, from it I can learn to care about others and not to be selfish, and the work always gives me a sense of self-pride. From what has been discussed above, it is really a cost worth paying.

  In short, participating in volunteer jobs can be rewarding to both those serving and those being served.









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